Saturday, June 09, 2007

Rowan school public meeting

This morning I attended a public meeting organised by Siobhain McDonagh MP into the proposal for the Rowan school on Rowan Road in Mitcham. The meeting was lively to say the least with over 150 in attendance and many with some very forthright views on the proposals. One of the issues was access from Hoylake Gardens and Rosemead Avenue to the site and the residents opinion was overwhelmingly against the proposal for access.

Overall, I believe that the proposals will benefit the area and I say that as a local resident, while the design many not be altogether to my taste the area will benefit from having new open space along with community facilities including a new GP surgery. Hopefully the developers will also listen to some of the residents views from the meeting and if necessary amend their proposal, they have so far shown a willingness for listening to residents views unlike at the Windmill Trading Estate where the developers took the opposite approach.

The planning application is likely to be considered by the Planning Committee later this year.


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