Wednesday, June 06, 2007

20 mph speedlimits in residential areas??

In my ward of Pollards Hill speeding cars are huge menace to both pedestrians and cyclist. Although we have traffic calming in a great deal of my area Pollards Hill, motorists still speed down those roads and locally a number of people have been injured over the past year due to speeding cars.

The scheme in Portsmouth of introducing a 20 mph speed limit is an interesting idea and although it has been introduced on some roads in Merton, I would like to see 20 moh introduced on some roads locally in Pollards Hill. The chance of a fatality at 20 mph and serious injury is much reduced at that level, anything that also cuts down on potentially dangerous driving and speeding has to be welcome.

Of course, enforcement is an issue, speed cameras are everywhere though we've yet to get one in Pollards Hill and speed limits need to be coupled with sensible traffic calming measures to ensure they are not flouted. Many road humps are pretty ineffective(along with creating vibrations) and in recent years many alternatives other then road humps have been developed that does slow traffic down. Bring a councillor anything which involves street management gets a wide variety of views with many for and against but at the end of the day public safety has to be paramount.


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