Sunday, May 13, 2007


While the end of the Premiership season has not been without controversy given the whole issue of West Ham and Tevez, I was glad that they stayed up and win against Manchester United today. Although Sheffield United are inevitably disappointed at their demise and are claiming foul play over Tevez and their failure to deduct points off West Ham, it was within the range of punishments available to the Premiership. With the financial cost now being so high, lawyers will no doubt be looking into the mater on behalf of Sheffield United, though I think the punishment will not be overturned.

In terms of Liverpool, I'm glad we held on to third place despite a faltering last few games, with the Champions League Final being the priority inevitably little would've been gained by risking players in what are effectively dead rubber matches. If we win the Champions League, we'll also avoid the two leg qualifier in August. Hopefully next season we'll win the Premiership and with the new investment we've got a good chance to progress further next season, this has to be our priority next year.


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