Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Liverpool into another Champions League Final

Words cannot tell how ecstatic I am following Liverpool's success tonight over Chelsea in the Champions League Semi-Final. The match was nerve wrecking to say the least and after the ruled out goal in extra time(which I believed to be onside) I just though that it might not be our night. The tremendous support at Anfield was as usual a major contribution to our victory and of course Pepe Reina was fantastic in saving those penalties.

Poor old Muriniho, first the Premiership(barring miracles) now the Champions League have gone down the pan, all that investment from Abramvoich has still failed to produce success in the Champions League. With Liverpool having spent a fraction what Chelsea spent we're in our second Champions League Final in three years and this time we go into the final with a far superior team that won us the Champions League two years ago.

Although I normally cannot stand Manchester United, I hope that they do win tomorrow as it will be a dream final and one to savour. The only downside is that I'll be at the Merton Council AGM on final night so no trip to Athens for me. Thankfully he AGM is usally pretty short so I'll hopefully be able to watch most of the final.


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