Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Labour leadership update

Looking at the nominations, it seems that Gordon Brown will be elected un-opposed on Thursday as the next Labour Party leader. Looking at the nominations, it's clear that John McDonnell is unlikely to get nominated barring some miracle. With only 45 MP's left to declare from the ranks of Labour MP’s, it's increasingly unlikely that he'll manage to find another 18 and considering that Meacher pulled out to help him shows how weak his support is within the PLP and some only nominated him to allow a contest. Still at least he had an opportunity to debate with Gordon on Sunday along with Meacher and his performance so far has shown that their is no appetite within he party to turn back the clock.

In terms of the Deputy Leader, four candidates have passed the threshold with Jon Cruddas needing only more (a far more serious left candidate then McDonnell). In terms of Hilary Benn, it's clear that he is struggling though another 55 Labour MP's have nominated no-one and he's still in with a chance, I think he'll just about reach 45. That will leave us with six candidates, a pretty remarkable figure given that you need to be nominated by 45 MP's. The Deputy Leadership is a pretty wide open race but hopefully Hazel Blears will win this intriguing contest. I have pledged my support on this blog to Hazel and I believe if elected she will prove to be an excellent Deputy Leader to Gordon. I also believe that her Deputy Leader statement 'Building on Success' recognises our achievements in office but also our need to renew ourselves in facing new challenges.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

beware of Hazel - she has the hidden irritation factor which will put off the undecided voters. Too bright and breezy, too upbeat, too sycophantic, too ready with the pary line..........too desperate. She map appeal to party activists of the Blairite persuasion but Harriet Harman has more too offer in terms of intelligence, independence of thought, clarity of expression.

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