Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Gordon Brown to become Labour Party leader and Prime Minister elect tomorrow

On the latest tally, Gordon Brown has reached 307 nominations with John McDonnell stuck at 29, that leaves just 18 nominations outstanding and McDonnell would need to get 16 to even get on the ballot paper. What is important that while it will be confirmed tomorrow that Gordon Brown has been elected unopposed, we still need to continue the debate we've had about renewing ourselves in office after ten years. I welcome many of the initiatives that Gordon has annouced in the last week, including affordable housing which is one of the most important issues for my generation. Gordon Brown has a golden opportunity to promote the Labour Party over the next few weeks and this I believe will enhance his standing as people get a better picture of what a Brown government will do in office.

In the Deputy Leader race, Hilary Benn edges towards getting on the ballot with just four more needed and I think he'll achieve that goal, 34 have not nominated, and he needs just four more.

At lunchtime tomorrow we'll know the full situation.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

No one wants to be leader of the Labour party!

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