Thursday, May 10, 2007

Goodbye Tony Blair

Ok, it's been the worst kept secret for weeks that Tony Blair was going to announce his resignation this week, but what a way to bring the curtain down and his speech today was vintage Blair at his very best.

In terms of making the Labour party electable, Tony Blair was pretty revolutionary and made changes when he took over that made us electable, ok electorally we've not had the best results of late but this is still the longest ever Labour government and the first to win three terms in office. While many other Labour governments have had their achievements notably the Attlee government after the war, none lasted more then six years in office.

While some will no doubt be rejoicing at the news that he is going, the country will miss him when he is gone. In my mind, he's been an excellent Prime Minister and history I believe will be kind to him. When I compare this country to ten years ago, it's a more prosperous county, a more tolerant country and a fairer country. I look around the council ward I represent in Pollards Hill and see a community that is infinitely better off then ten years ago and a community that has benefited in terms of investment in the areas infrastructure including refurbished schools, better housing and a new health centre.

Whilst I recognise we have difficulties at the moment and the party does need to renew itself as it enters a second decade in office, I believe Tony Blair leaves behind a strong legacy. It will now be for his successor Gordon Brown to carry on that task and ensure we win a fourth term in office as we still have a great many things to do in office.


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