Saturday, May 12, 2007


I have watched Eurovision since I was a kid and it seems to get more farcical by the year. Since the increase in participants to include Eastern Europe, more and more regional block voting is taking place which makes the whole thing even more of a farce. While the scoring is undoubtedly the best part of the contest(it can hardly be the mainly hopeless contestants) it does provide a level of entertainment for one Saturday evening every year. At least the winning entry was slightly better then the dire song that won Finland the Eurovision last year


Blogger Riikka said...

I think they should change the name to Intervision. Remember that Eastern bloc version for Eurovision song contest?

You can read more here

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Anonymous Spencer said...

Have yous et up your blog with an RSS feed?

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Blogger snowflake5 said...

I don't mind the block voting - I think Eurovision gives a fascinating insight into politics in Europe (one you can't really get anywhere else).

Eurovision was started by a Frenchman who wanted to promote peace and harmony in Europe (similar to the ideals of Monnet in starting the EU and the other Frenchman whose name escapes me who restarted the Olympics) - the French up to the 1950's were very into this sort of internationalism.

I think it works, based on that ideal (as opposed to finding the best song in Europe). It's poignant to see ordinary voters in the Balkan states repeatedly voting for each other, signalling a desire for peace, while their leaders continue to squabble and fight.

Serbia is in a very demoralised condition at the moment. Hopefully winning Eurovision will cheer them up (at least they are good a something!), in the same way that winning the World Cup after WW2 cheered up West Germany and set them off to achieving the peaceful prosperous country they now are.

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