Tuesday, May 01, 2007

10 years of a Labour Government

How the last ten years have gone by in a flash, but May 1st 1997 certainly a day to remebmer. While the last ten years have certainly had its good and bad moments, Britain is an immeasurably better place then it was ten years ago and our unparalleled economic success has benefited this country enormously.

Until 1997, I'd never remembered a Labour Government, most of my life had been spent under the Tories and indeed I was only four when Margaret Thatcher came to power. Indeed to me, May 1st 1997 was indeed a red revolution, having been lucky enough to get a ticket for the election night event at the Royal Festival Hall, the night was pretty amazing and moments like Wimbledon going Labour along with a host of the then impregnable Tory strongholds like Hove and Crosby was an unforgettable experience. Seeing Tony Blair arrive as dawn was breaking(along with being hideously drunk when he arrived) and hearing the crowd sing Portillo's on the dole to the tune of Three Lions was a surreal experience and for me it was a very sentimental moment and one I'll never forget.

The next day I was also lucky enough to get a ticket to see him arrive at Downing Street and the first Labour government elected at a General Election in my lifetime.

Have things got better ten years on?

In my view they have and we've a record to be proud of in whole range of different areas. The economy has expanded continuously over the last 10 years, the country has never been wealthier. The level of interest rates and unemployment are far lower then back in 1997, the sense of hopelessness that many people faced backed then have been replaced by increased opportunities. Both schools and hospitals have received massive investment and results have shown a significant improvement with schools results improved significantly and school buildings modernised. A health service in decline ten years ago under the Tories, now see waiting lists that have fallen dramatically and improved survival rates from diseases. Likewise our constitutional changes have allowed Scotland and Wales to have their own devolved governments along with restoring democratic government to London. These are just a few examples of our time in office and I could write a great deal more.

In facing the future, issues like the environment and global terrorism are promient in a way they were not ten years ago. The events of 911 and subsequent events have inevitably had an effect on world politics and global security.

Finally, a tremendous debt of gratitude is owed to Tony Blair for leading Labour to three General Election successes all with comfortable majorities and for being a great Prime Minister. History will be kind to Tony Blair, while mistakes have been made like any government, this country has changed for the better and that is due in large part to Tony Blair along with his Chancellor Gordon Brown.

Roll on the next ten years. A great deal has been done but we still have a great deal more to do under Gordon Brown.


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