Friday, April 27, 2007

Windmill Trading Estate update

The latest news on the Windmill Trading Estate planning application is that I've been advised by Merton Council that a decision will be made on the Windmill Trading Estate development by 8th June. Hopefully it will be good news and the decision of Merton Council to reject this application will be upheld. The proposed development is completely inappropriate for the site and been subject to widespread opposition from the local area as reported previously on this blog.


Anonymous the many not the few said...

I think the Labour councillors should insist a dome is built on this site: it could be similar to the original, only more up to date... War for Oil Zone, War for Dubya Zone, The Legacy Zone, Stop Protests in Parliament Square embarassing Tony & Cherie Exhibition, or, try your hand at £££ for honours, roll up, roll up...

9:25 pm  

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