Thursday, April 19, 2007

Darlington Lib Dem nominates BNP candidate

When I read this story that the Darlington Lib Dem Group leader(now ex) Steve Jones had nominated a BNP candidate, I was quite appalled that the Lib Dem's have decided only to have an investigation and no expel him on the spot. In his defence he is claiming ignorance, but can anyone be so stupid as to nominate an opponent and then claim a mistake, I don't think so and he must have known what he was doing.

If any Labour party candidate did anything like this they would be automatically expelled and disowned(no questions asked), the Tories similarly would not tolerate this kind of behaviour and for once I fully agree with Francis Maude. Sadly the Liberal Democrats instead of taking prompt action delay matters. For a change Sir Ming should show some leadership and expel Steve Jones with immediate effect.


Anonymous Helena said...

These witch hunts are becoming increasingly spiteful and desperate.
Do the Lib Dems really want to be the party to persecute political dissadents and any who speaks to them or touch nomination papers?
A sizeable proportion of the electorate are no longer buying the Nazi/Fascist myth about the BNP.
The modern face of the BNP is nothing like the jack booted skinheads beloved of Searchlight and assorted Marxist groups.
Sure their policies are very different to the indistinguishable shade of grey the other parties offer but surely the issues they raise deserve debate in the open rather than this closing of ranks by the Old Gang?
To the wavering voter (me) he mess of the country can be blamed squarely on Blairs style of leadership and Camerons craven refusal to tackle issues not involving iceflows and windmills.
Together the Old Gang may take the credit for elevating the BNP from a fringe party to a serious contender.
Well done!

11:52 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Steve Jones claims that when he signed the nomination papers, he thought they were for an independent candidate.

Indeed, it's standard BNP practice not to fill the "party" details on the form until after they've got all nominations - Steve Jones probably thought he was doing democracy a favour by helping a fellow potential candidate get the nominations, an activity that's actually just time-wasting bureaucracy (I mean, what does the nominations procedure actually achieve? The only thing it does is give the agent for each political party a huge headache as they go round and collect these things for each of their candidates; it takes a huge amount of time catching your members and supporters when they're in - it's often quicker and easier just to go down a road and knock on every door until you've got all 10).

What Martin says about the Tories not "tolerating" this kind of behaviour is absolute nonsense. Tory councillors and candidates regularly come out with overtly racist comments and the Tories do nothing. And BNP support is often strongest in those areas that are traditionally Labour supporting - so the Labour party should do more too. The Lib Dems have a much better record of campaigning and winning seats off BNP councillors than the Tories - more still needs to be done though.

Steve Jones on the other hand, has been suspended by the Lib Dems until they've investigated whether he's just stupid or a BNP supporter. Seems fair enough to me.

As to Martin's "no questions asked" it just shows the Labour mindset on a fair process helping to ensure a fair result. Typical Labour narrow-mindedness.

5:25 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Comment to Helena:

The Lib Dems are investigating Steve Jones' actions - I think that's fair enough. Even if he didn't know that he was signing a BNP candidate's papers, he risked disqualifying his own party's candidates, as people cannot nominate candidates from more than one party. So, at the very least he's broken party rules.

As to your views on the BNP themselves - I don't care whether you think the BNP are "Nazis" or "Fascists" - that's just short-hand terminology and completely unimportant.
The policies of the BNP are disgusting: racist, built as they are on the belief of white supremacy, and homophobic. For example, they would ban *non-white* immigration, what else is that based on but racism?

They seek to blame our problems on those who are difficult from white hetrosexuals.

BNP activists often have previous convictions for violence and harassment.

You can't cop out and blame the other parties for the fact that you would consider casting a vote for such a terrible party - it just shows your own prejudices. If that's what you think, then I don't want your vote. Vote for the BNP and we'll win the arguments on the street, at the ballot box and in council chambers. In fairness, if any get elected they probably won't do anything anyway!

A disgusted Lib Dem in Wimbledon

5:35 pm  
Blogger alex said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ahem, late night typo/re-edit:

"They seek to blame our problems on those who are *different* from white hetrosexuals."

12:29 am  
Blogger alex said...

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Blogger alex said...

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