Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Bring it on

What a performance it has been for English sides in the Champions League, while the national team is pretty poor at present the club sides have made a huge impact on the Champions League with 3/4 in the Semi-Finals.

Another fixture against Chelsea is pretty tantalising and of course I think Liverpool will again come up trumps. Although I generally cannot stand Manchester United, I do hope they beat AC Milan and given their performance against Roma last night it is difficult to bet against them progressing to another final.

Although it is hypothetical, a Liverpool V Manchester United final would be something to savour though it could be a repeat of the 2005 final when Liverpool last triumphed, all I say is bring it on and it is why I'm such a passionate football fan. The one downside of the Champions League final date is the Merton Annual Council meeting which will could go on a long time and with it being a 30-30 it will also mean a 100% turnout, unfortunately it will mean no trip to Athens. If we happen to lose and it is Chelesa, well then it can go on all night though no doubt many of my Chelsea colleagues would disagree.


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