Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Should it be called Eastfields Station?

Apparently the Council have launched a campaign to name the proposed station at Eastfields near Mitcham. Personally I think the station should be named Eastfields and indeed the local area has been referred to as Eastfields for many years.

No doubt a variety of names will come during the process but personally I think Eastfields will be the name adopted and everyone has been referring to the name for years.

Apparently the station may be open by the end of 2007, Siobhain McDonagh MP hosted a successful coffee morning last Saturday attended by over 400 residents at St Marks Academy near the proposed site and near universal approval was given for the station.This is really an exciting development that will contribute massively to the regeneration of East Mitcham if built and it looks that after seventy years the new station is about to happen. I just hope that no further excuses comes up and that we see a station up and running ASAP.


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