Monday, March 12, 2007

Rotorua observations

Currently writing this in an Internet cafe in Taupo, it is pouring rain outside(weather is very English here at the moment)and the weather certainly seems to be four seasons in one day.

Anyway, yesterday was spent in Rotorua which is a centre of geo-thermal activity in New Zealand. The place literally smells of sulphur because of this and getting off the coach, it is the first thing you notice about the place, however you soon get used to the smell. At Te Puia(which is where the Maori arts and culture institute is based) I also saw some spectacular large geysers in the thermal area which are active nearly all of the time along with the mud pools. Seeing geo-thermal activity is something you can only appreciate seeing up close and it was fascinating to witness them spewing along with the smoke produced they produced. Rotorua is also full of steam pools and across the town you can see a number of them active.

I also undertook two luge rides yesterday which involved going up the mountain overlooking Rotorua in a sky ride and then going down the hill in a luge. Having never been in a luge before it was certainly a great experience with some some really tight curves and fast stretches. It also afforded great views of Rontorua on the way down.

In the evening, I saw a Maori cultural show which involved singing, dancing and the performance of Maori acts including the world famous Hakka. The latter part involved many of the males in the audience trying to learn the routine on stage, it is not the easiest routine to learn and I had certainly not mastered it despite my best efforts. From the event I also have a greater understanding of the Maori culture.

The rest of today is being spent in Taupo which has the biggest lake in New Zealand(hopefully the weather will clear up) before moving on tomorrow to the capital Wellington.


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