Tuesday, March 20, 2007

My Queenstown sky jump from 12,000 feet

This morning I successfully did a tandem sky jump from 12,000 foot over Queenstown in New Zealand. Having never did anything remotely like this before, I decided to take the plunge and having now jumped I have to say it worth doing and the jump was awe inspiring.

While I have to admit to being slightly nervous and apprehensive even a few days ago about the jump, the opportunity that was presented to me was one that I could not refuse to take up and by today I was rearing to go. If someone had said to me even a few weeks ago that I would undertake a jump of 12,000 ft, I would probably have laughed it off as a joke, but in life you undertake some crazy things and this had to be one of them.

Although it was a tandem jump, coming out of the plane and seeing the vista of Lake Wakatipu and Remarkables mountain range(only one of two mountain ranges in the world that runs north-south)was a pretty remarkable sight. Literally in seconds I plunged thousands of feet and the thrill along with the adrenalin rush cannot really be described, but it was one of the best things I've done in my 32 years.

The tandem sky-jumper Chris was also an excellent instructor and made the experience that much easier including the landing. Also a photographer jumped out at the same time and shaking his hand in mid air was an experience.

On plunging out of the plane it did nothing for my ears and they're still buzzing a few hours afterwards, likewise the blast of air is not the nicest of experience but is part of the experience and the rest made up for this minor inconvenience. When you first jump you also take a few seconds to acclimatise as you are literally in free-fall before a tap from the instructor, after then you can slightly relax and take in the view.

Not for one second do I regret doing this sky jump, in fact now that I've done one I probably would not mind attempting a solo jump, though it would take a great deal of training it is something that I may do in the not too distant future.

I have one day left in Queenstown New Zealand, before I move on to Milford Sound tomorrow, so far so good and certainly the thrill of today has added to the experience of New Zealand. More information on the company I did the sky jump with is on www.nzzone.biz


Anonymous Brenda said...

You seem to be having a great time, must catch up on your return,ok!

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