Saturday, March 03, 2007

Hazel Blears visit to Mitcham and Morden Labour Party

Last night we had Hazel Blears as guest speaker at a Mitcham and Morden Labour party social. Her friendly style and warmth went down extremely well with people present and the speech she made was one of the best I've heard in a long-time. Hazel in my view is probably the most energetic and enthusiastic candidate seeking to be Deputy Leader and as a party we certainly have no shortage of wannabee deputy leaders.

I believe Hazel would make an excellent deputy leader of the Labour Party, the party needs someone who will motivate members but also take the attack to the Tories as well and expose the false prospectus of David Cameron.

Hazel Blears is also someone who recognises as well that as a party we need to renew ourselves if we are to stay in office, this is something that I believe is crucial if we are to win a fourth term in office. I also believe she is a Labour politician who understands society and she recognises only too well what a Labour government has achieved for this country and for her own area in Salford. The party needs people like Hazel who will sell our considerable achievements in office but also make the case of why we need a fourth term in office.

Over the next few months as more people meet Hazel, I believe her popularity and support will grow within the Labour party and that she could well be elected as the next Deputy Leader. Indeed her current betting odds are very generous at 7/1 and a few weeks ago they were 50/1. She is certainly a very good bet and her odds will certainly drop over the next few months.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The woman is an opportunist of the
worst possible kind. I remember her on TV defending Prescott Blunkett and Blair with respect to the corruption charges "Cash for Peerages"
She looks as though she has had a permanent mouth lift, however the
words that come out of it are uttely vacuous and meaningless.

She always comes across to me as a sort of smiling robot who has
been programmed not to deviate from the pre programmed message she has been fed before each interview. For that reason any interview with her
seems to be completely pointless. Like listening to a recording that has
been inserted into an android.

2:04 am  
Blogger Martin Whelton said...

The last comment is obviously not a supporter of Hazel Blears or of the Labour party, more like a supporter from the ultimate opportunist David Cameron. Still it is good too know that people are busy posting to the blog at 2am in the morning!

I believe she is talented and we need people like Hazel to defend the record of the government.

12:11 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What are the odds on Harriet Harman?....She at least has the advantage of not being a complete lap-dog. She has a mind of her own and, unlike Hazel Blears, does answer most questions with comparative frankness. Hazel Blears will only be pilloried by the Daily Mail because she is such an obvious target of fun. You may despise the Daily Mail but remember you need the votes of at least a proportion of its readers. Don't follow one joke of a DPM with another. The public is sick of evasive party liners.

10:42 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but from reading Martin's posts about national issues, he's always struck me as quite lazy in the sense that he only ever follows the media consensus rather than thinking for himself. Therefore, as a Wimbledon Labour supporter, I do hope that he's a little more careful when he does his work scrutinising the Tories. On that basis, I'm not actually convinced by the endorcement of Hazel Blears

11:03 pm  

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