Sunday, March 04, 2007

Has Ming abandoned PR?

Very interesting to note that Ming Campbell has not set PR as one of his five policy tests for entering a coalition. He is obviously desperate to become Foreign Secretary before he quits politics and if that means sacrificing PR or any other policy then it will go. Like any Lib Dem policy, principles count for little if it means grabbing a share of power be it with Labour or the Tories(across the country in local government Lib Dems have supported Tories a great deal more the Labour in no overall councils) and people who think they'll only go with Labour should examine their record in propping up Tory council administrations and their record in Parliament. Certain Lib Dem MP's like David Laws and Jermey Brown have far more in common with the Tories then with Labour, I can't see them being too keen on a coalition with Labour.

Sadly for Ming Campbell he is likely to be dumped as Leader of the Lib Dems long before the next election(I predict this year), whether Nick Clegg his likely successor retains the this policy remains to be seen but never under-estimate the opportunism of the Lib Dems.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Er, if you actually bothered to look at the speech before commenting on it, rather than just following the media's lazy line, the 5 policy changes for Gordon Brown were 5 policy areas where the Labour party has bad policies and where the Lib Dems do not. Not some basis for a coalition agreement.

And the nonsense about "Like any Lib Dem policy, principles count for little if it means grabbing a share of power" - why would any careerist join the Lib Dems???!!!!? Careerists would get on far better in Labour or the Tories.
Finally, David Laws explained to the Tories when they tried to poach him: the reason he won't defect is because he actually believes in liberalism.

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