Monday, March 26, 2007

Gerry Adams and Ian Paisley

Seeing the televised conference today of Gerry Adams and Ian Paisley really was an amazing sight and something even a few years I thought would never happen. Northern Ireland has been a troubled province over many years, indeed violence was a daily routine with regular bombing and shooting being part of every day life until just a few years.

Both have come a very long way to now be at this juncture, Ian Paisley as the rebel-rousing preacher whose favourite was word was 'no' and Gerry Ad ans who can from Sinn Fein an organisation that was linked with paramilitaries and the IRA. It is clear today that both knows that suitability is required and that compromise was required in order to reach a deal, that this stage has even been reached would have been considered a miracle just a few years ago.

Having recently visited Northern Ireland, it is a changed place with an expanding economy and a vibrant lifestyle. This is a picture far from the troubles experienced up until the nineites. I just hope that the current stability continues as it is in the interests of all parties for this to remain the case.


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