Saturday, March 10, 2007

Arrived in New Zealand

After a very long flight from London, I've finally arrived in Auckland. First time I've been to New Zealand and since arriving here a few hours ago I've already been up the Sky Tower, which is the highest tower in the Southern Hemisphere and gives a fantastic view of Auckland including the magnificent harbour.

As for the flight, Malaysian Airline would probably not be my favorite airline, food was some of the worst I've tasted and I've seen better in-flight entertainment packages (not a touch on Emirates). Watched Casino Royale again but a heavily edited version that left out some of the best parts of the film, also managed to watch Deja-Vu and Dreamgirls (not the best films I've seen) along with some fascinating National Geographic documentaries about world cities including London, Bombay, Mexico City, Vegas and New York. With both flights lasting the best part of 24 hours you've got to do pass away the time.

Kuala Lumpur airport was one of the best I've been too, was there last year but at the low cost terminal situated a few miles away which was not the best experience, Stayed at the transit hotel which was excellent. Many of the airports abroad certainly put Heathrow to shame, hopefully Terminal 5 will improve the passenger environment as it desperately needs improving along with the delays (plane took 1/2 hour to take off), the flight was on time which was a bonus.

Over her they’re also very stringent on bringing in food or any animal products, at Auckland airport they have snifer dogs along with a very stringent customs. The only other time I've experienced x-ray on arrival was in Australia, the precautions they take against disease are very strict indeed.

Off from Auckland in the morning to start my trip round New Zealand, should be fascinating and the weather is much warmer then in London.

Still have a bit of the jet-lag which is unsurprising given the long flight


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