Thursday, March 29, 2007

AFC Wimbledon point deduction cut

The decision by the FA to reduce the point deduction to three points for fielding an illegible player is a victory for commonsense. I am extremely glad that the patent injustice of an 18 point reduction has been reversed for what was a relatively minor infringement of the rules and over a anomaly that Cardiff is classified as being in a foreign country despite playing in the English league.

Hopefully AFC Wimbledon's push for promotion will continue and that next year we'll see them playing in the Conference South. Like the former Wimbledon FC they are battlers and the success they've enjoyed since being formed in 2002 is nothing sort of remarkable.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You missed to point out that this was partly due to the superb campaigning by the borough's Labour MP, Siobhain McDonagh - who even extracted the Prime Minister's comment during Question Time criticising FA's "daft" rule! No doubt the FA sat up and finally listened.

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