Friday, February 02, 2007

Severance and DVD rental

Tonight I watched Severance on DVD and I've got to say it was one of the most dreadful films I've watched in ages, utterly boring with awful characters and no real background to the script. It is also quite stomach churning in terms of severed anatomy, not recommended.

In terms of DVD rental, I've recently returned to Amazon who are a first class company in terms of you choices and speed of delivery. Up until last Summer, I'd been with Amazon for about a year and found no problem with their service, however a friend sent me a free DVD rental for Lovefilms and I swapped. After a promising start where I got the top titles, after a while I found I was getting low tier choices instead of my top choices which I never seemed to receive. They were also notoriously slow compared to Amazon, delievry time of up to a week.

Currently I get six DVD's a month for £9-99 though some months I do not manage to even watch six. As somebody who watches over 50 films a year some of which are excellent(Goodnight and Good Luck along with A History of Violence my favourites of the past year) down to the down right awful and I've seen a few turkeys of late including Severance(Proposition was also as bad). Over the weekend I've got Little Miss Sunshine and Childen of Men to watch, hopefully they'll be an improvement on Severance, you could'nt get much worse.


Anonymous Skuds said...

Well it takes all sorts... We watched Severance the other day and really enjoyed it.

But then my Mrs is a big fan of the running-into-bands-of-violent-psychos genre: she has read all of Richard Laymon's books and got me into them.

I thought there were some genuinely funny moments in it, as well as a few merely laughable ones.

I would have thought that anyone who enjoyed Hostel or Saw would be happy with Severance.

12:42 am  

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