Monday, February 05, 2007

Merton Council phone network crashes

It looks like Monday morning is turning into a bit of a nightmare at Merton Council. All the phone networks are down and do not look like been restored for most of today, no doubt the Council will no have no shortage of irate people trying to get through and Monday morning is always the worst.

I wonder what went wrong and how much it will cost to fix?

Still I do feel sorry for the staff, like IT things can go wrong including the phone networks and when they do get restored it will place extra burdens on the staff in terms of backlog.

Maybe it is also time that the Council has a contingency when these things happen in future.

1pm update - Emergency numbers have now issued by the Council. Apparently it was down to some power cut at the weekend!

1.30 pm - Apparently the phones have sprung into life again!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stephen Hammond getting defensive about his ability to fulfil the pledge in the Wimbledon Time & Leisure magazine at the general election, to increase Wimbledon's police numbers ("what difference would it make if you were elected?" was the question).


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