Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Liverpool football club takeover

Being a Liverpool supporter when the the Dubai International bid collapsed, I was a bit disappointed as I knew that their pockets were likely to be very deep indeed and more then a match for Abramovich at Chelsea.

However, the new owners I believe are committed to the club and will ensure that the new 60,000 stadium will go ahead which will being in extra revenue to compete with the other big three(Man Utd, Arsenal and Chelsea). I also believe that they will give Benitez the funds required to ensure that we are challenging for the Premiership next season.

Liverpool at present have a very good nucleus of players, for far too many years we've been playing second fiddle to Manchester United, Arsenal and more recently Chelsea. In recent years we have enjoyed some huge success with the Champions League success of 2005 and the FA Cup in 2006, now it is time to win the Premiership again which we've failed to win since it was created in 1992 although we still enjoy the record of most league titles.

The success of Liverpool in English football is unparalleled in terms of trophies, this could just be the beginning of another period of domination.


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