Saturday, February 17, 2007

Gun crime in London

With my ward Pollards Hill being very near to Streatham ice rink where a tragic shooting took place a fortnight ago, as an elected politician I'm very concerned with the recent incidents of gun crime in South London. The tragic murders of three young people and another death through shooting in Hackney today it is quite clear we've a serious situation on our hands that has the potential for escalation and for this tragic cycle of violence to continue.

Within Pollards Hill we've also had shootings in the past and the present situation is a cause for concern given that the area is not too far from many of the areas which have suffered incidents recently. While these tragedies may be unconnected, if they are connected it is important that communities co-operate with the Police and break the spiral of silence that seems to be happening. While people may be frightened to speak to the police, enough safeguards exist for information to be passed on a confidential basis. I just pray that this tragic cycle is brought to a halt and perpetrators brought to justice.


Blogger Robert Jackman said...

Martin - I've just blogged on the issue.

I disagree with Blair - I think gang culture IS a metaphor for our society.

Come have a read. And leave me comments - it'll be interesting to hear what a fellow Labour Party member thinks.

Robert :)

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