Friday, February 09, 2007

AFC Wimbledon 18 point deduction

The decision by the Ryman League Appeals panel to remove 18 points from AFC Wimbledon for fielding an illegible player is both absurd and disproportionate. In what was a relatively minor breach of the rules involving paperwork, it involved the failure of AFC Wimbledon to get international clearance from the Wales FA for the transfer of Jermaine Darlington from Cardiff City. The transfer was deemed international, even though Cardiff City play in the English league. The punishment of 18 points was the number of games that he had played for AFC Wimbledon and points gained by the club in that period.

This decision has the potential to wreck AFC Wimbledon's season and any chance that they had of gaining promotion to the Conference South this season.

What they have achieved since their formation in 2002 is nothing short of spectacular, given that they had to start from scratch after Wimbledon FC decided to abandon their roots and become franchise FC. This season had been going relatively well until all this happened.

If this had happened in the Premiership, I can guarantee that no team would've been deducted 18 points. Maybe some in the Ryman League are jealous towards the success AFC Wimbledon have enjoyed and wanted to do their best to undermine that success, thus the punishment. With them having enjoyed a great run of late, many of their opponents are probably delighted at the punishment handed out by the Ryman League.

A ray of hope however may be on the horizon as the club has secured the services of top QC Jim Sturman who is giving his services for free in order to help overturn this absurd punishment in an FA appeal hearing. I just hope that the FA will see sense on this matter.

The club has my full and utmost support in any campaign to overturn this points deduction and gross injustice.


Anonymous Skuds said...


Crawley Town had 10 points taken off for going into receivership. We have just about managed to get to safety after that, but it was not easy.

18 points is enormous.

The premier league are looking into West Ham and Portsmouth for fielding ineligible players (on the grounds that their registrations are not owned by the club).

As a far-from-happy Hammer I do hope you are right about the PL being lenient!

Lets hope West Ham get off with merely a stern talking-to. It might give more ammunition to AFC W for their appeal and then we can all be happy.

1:50 am  
Anonymous curranhung said...

Please, please do all you can do help the club. Write to the FA and tell them they're a load of (^"*%£&.

9:28 am  
Blogger Erik Fuller said...

Thanks for your support. I'm not too optimistic but as you say there is the possibility this will be looked at again so some serious crossing of fingers, and anything else, is in order

1:35 pm  

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