Saturday, January 06, 2007

Warmest ever New York January day

The world of weather just gets stranger, in New York today they set a new record temperature for January, 72 degrees(23 celsius) beating the record by 9 degrees and we are only six days into January.

With this weird weather and our unseasonably mild weather here in London(apart from the incessant rain), it is clear that the world is becoming a warmer place. Having recently watched the Al Gore film 'An Inconvenient Truth', it is clear that global warming is happening and clear evidence exists to prove this point. While I've nothing against warmer days, environmentally it could potentially have a massive effect on the way we live. I would recommend watching this film as I certainly found it very thought provoking.

As a society we've got to face up to these environmental issues that have the potential to cause destruction to the world environment. While George Bush treats the whole matter as joke and does not believe in global warming, at least here the issue is taken a great deal more seriously across political parties. Even the Tories under green Dave have signed up to the agenda though whether it is just hype remains to be seen. Unless governments in other countries take action, many of our measures we implement will be worthless as it has to be a collective action across the world.

With Bush in power in the States and having being bank-rolled in the past by his oil buddies we are unlikely to see much progress, in 2009 we'll hopefully see a US administration prepared to face up to these matters.

If we do not, the consequences could be very grave.


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