Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Premier hails Mitcham Academy 'Revolution'

Good news about the local schools!

Premier hails Mitcham Academy 'Revolution'

At Prime Minister's Questions today, Mitcham and Morden MP Siobhain McDonagh asked Prime Minister Tony Blair about progress at local high schools St Mark's Church of England Academy and Harris Academy Merton. This follows the news that both schools are oversubscribed with applications from parents wishing their children to attend the schools.

Last year, the schools the Academies replaced received only 132 first choice applications for the 480 places available, and had over 900 surplus places.

The exchange took place just after noon today in Parliament.

Siobhain said:

"Despite only having just entered their second term since opening, the two new city academies in my constituency will be oversubscribed next year because such is the support of local parents and the community. Will he join me in congratulating the parents, teachers and staff at these schools and their enlightened sponsors, the Church of England and Lord Harris of Peckham."

Tony Blair replied:

"I am delighted to join in congratulations to the schools and to the sponsors, who have put so much hard work into the City Academy programme."

"As the results show, there is a revolution going on in our schools at the moment, of which the City Academy programme is an important part. They are delivering quality education to some of the poorest kids in our country."

Following the exchange, Siobhain added:

"I am very proud that we battled to get these Academies. Even though the Tories spent months trying to put a stop to them, and we even had to go to court to get them opened, parents clearly think they were worth fighting for. Good schools shouldn't just be for the rich part of the borough. Mitcham's Academies will help us raise educational standards across the whole social spectrum."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If this means that these schools will not be a dumping ground for other authorities suspended pupils, then everyone concerned must be congratulated. I only hope - for the sake of our local children - that results exceed expectations. If the philosophy of the schools carry on from that at Sherwood Primary there will be a sea-change in education at a secondary level in Mitcham. At Sherwood the headmaster Mr Tyzack has, over the years, cultivated a wonderful, rounded culture - where each child is encouraged to develop his or her abilities but always, always with respect for everyone else. It is this lovely civilised attitude which marks out Sherwood. In the past, the ethos at secondary schools in Mitcham meant that this came to an abrupt halt. If the Academies continue to encourage discipline and respect for others (as well as higher academic standards) then they will deserve to be a success. From someone who opposed their imposition!

7:10 pm  
Blogger Martin Whelton said...

Could not agree more about your comments about The Sherwood School, a school that gets some of the best results in Merton and Ken Tyzack is a fantastic head.

1:04 am  

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