Friday, January 26, 2007

Paul Dacre's comments on the BBC

The attack on the BBC from Paul Dacre editor of the Daily Mail is typical right-wing propaganda that the BBC is run by pinkos, liberals and anyone associated with a progressive agenda.

The values of the Daily Mail include being reactionary, nasty, angry, intolerant of minorities along with being deeply unpleasant to anyone who is associated with anything progressive. It fails to see that Britain has changed as a society and yearns for an era that is long gone. With a Labour Government that does push progressive values, it resorts to nasty smear campaigns on a regular basis against Labour politicians along with regularly publishing misleading stories, the Licensing Act being just one of many examples. The paper is gutter journalism at its most extreme. Thankfully, the British public has rejected the values of the Daily Mail for the last three elections and even Cameron understands that the values of the Mail are a vote loser.

In terms of the BBC it's not perfect and the Labour Government have just cause for criticism about how it has covered certain stories like Iraq. On many occasions, I believe that it has not been completely balanced in reporting of stories associated with the Government.

However, it is probably the most respected news channel in the world and the BBC has got a reputation of the top order across the globe. While we may criticize coverage, compared to other stations it is way superior in terms of all round contribution to broadcasting and the range of different programmes broadcast. Without the BBC, TV would be much the poorer. Certainly when I've visited other countries like the USA it makes me glad that we still have the BBC. The website is second to none for news coverage and it by far the best source of news on the web.

While I personally believe in the longer term, a debate is needed on funding in an ever changing media world(I personally support abolishing licence fee), it is an institution that is Britain at its very best. The same cannot be said for the Daily Mail which represents the values of a bygone age that is long gone.


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