Thursday, January 25, 2007

More lighting delays on Donnelly Green

From being optimistic a few weeks ago about the lighting, it seems we've more delays on the lighting issue. Every meeting I attend in Pollards Hill at present, the issue is raised with me the lack of lighting on Donnelly Green, and something needs to happen soon about the matter. My fear is that a serious incident will happen soon if this matter continues and the CCTV that is on the green is useless without the lighting. I hope it does not take something serious for the issue to become a priority. The latest response from the Council is below and I know the Council officers are working on the issue. I will also be tabling a Council question on the matter to the Cabinet member Tariq Ahmad at the Council meeting next week.

We completed the ducting and cabling work mentioned in my previous email, however as we feared once the power was restored a fault developed further along the cable. We are investigating where this failure has occurred and once established we shall replace the cabling here as well. An additional column is now in lighting, and we will endeavour to establish a supply to the remainder as quickly as possible.

I am hopeful that all the work we intend to carry out in this area will be completed within the next 6 weeks, however if we find more significant problems than we have anticipated then it may take a little longer. I will keep you updated on the situation as things develop.


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