Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A dusting of snow and it causes chaos!

It never ceases to amaze me that the a light dusting of snow always seems to cause chaos on the transport system. This morning it took me 90 minutes to reach work including a trip on the Victoria Line which took 30 minutes instead of the usual 10. Apparently it was caused by frozen points, this is despite nearly all the Vitoria Line being in tunnels with only the depot not being underground.

The railway of course had delays today, this is not surprising given that every day brings a new excuse and I suppose the cold weather was the excuse of the day. Being a long-time commuter and living in London you get to accept it as part of life, regrettable but true.

Many other countries seem to have none of these problems despite having snow on a regular basis and experience falls many times the amount experienced in London overnight. Given that it was forecast a few days ago you think they would've been prepared, I know snow is a rarity but it is hardly the first time it has happened and it is not exactly a new phenomenon!


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