Thursday, January 11, 2007

Donnelly Green lighting update

At last some progress from the Council over the lighting on Donnelly Green in my ward of Pollards Hill after numerous e-mails and complaints from local residents and local ward councillors Zenia Jamison, Richard Williams and myself for over six months. Further information is below in an e-mail received from the Council and I'm also glad that responsibility is being moved for the lighting from leisure to highways.

The ducting and cabling work is being undertaken at the end of this week and will take about a week to complete. Once completed, this should rectify the fault in the lights in the footpath adjacent to the community centre. There is the possibility that once the power is restored another fault will develop further along the cable, which may mean not all the lights will work, however if this happens then we will replace the affected section.

We have been discussing how best the lights can be managed in the future, and it has been agreed in principle that we in highways will take over the management of the lights from corporate facilities and leisure. We will undertake works now to bring them up to an acceptable standard, which will include replacing a number of lanterns and also providing a new supply to the lights that are currently fed from the library. Once these works are completed the highway street lighting contractor (EDF) will maintain them. This will include checking them every two weeks as part of their nighttime scouting and rectifying any faults found. Generally faults that they find, or that are reported to them, are repaired within 3 days.

Hopefully, the measures I have outlined above will finally provide a solution to this problem, and prevent a similar problem occurring in the future.


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