Thursday, January 18, 2007

Big Brother racism

While I've not seen too much of the current series of Celebrity Big Brother, the behaviour of some of the contestants against Shilpa is another short of disgraceful and a shame on British Television.

What I also find reprehensible is the attitude of Channel 4 towards what has happened, that this kind of behaviour has been tolerated by them is appalling, at the very least the perpetrators would've been thrown out.

Sadly the race to chase the ratings has overtaken commonsense(not surprising given that they apparently have had a 30% rise in ratings) and given the media furore it has given Channel 4 a huge amount of free publicity.

I hope OFCOM impose heavy sanctions against Channel 4, the number of complaints is extraordinary and they clearly must impose a punishment that will act as deterrent against Channel 4 allowing something similar. Racism should not be tolerated in any way, shape of form and it is sad that Celebrity Big Brother has degenerated into a programme that seemingly encourages racism.

Finally, I do hope that it puts a nail in the coffin of the career of Jade Goody along with her bigoted family, she lived off her appearance in Big Brother and hopefully it will also prove her downfall.


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