Thursday, January 11, 2007

Beckham off to Hollywood

Well the transformation is complete with Beckham off to the land of Hollywood to seek fame and further fortune in the States, along with his publicity mad missus. In a way it is a sign that he is over the hill, OK the money is attractive but given that he is extremely wealthy individual already, whatever can be the motivation to play football in a country(or shall I say soccer) where it is very much a secondary sport(except if you're female). Maybe he sees himself as the next big film star(some hope) or Posh relaunching her music career(she makes the Cheeky Girls seem talented).

For many years he has been on the decline as a footballer, indeed Ferguson realised this when he booted him out of United. His performances for England have been abysmal over the past few years and the best decision the McClaren ever made was getting shot of him along with his PR entourage.

Everything has revolved around Brand Beckham, in his prime he was a fantastic footballer sadly he is a shadow of his former self, if he had come back to England it would've been to a second-tier team and at a very high price. For the last few years he has become image obsessed. While most footballer just knuckled down and get on with it, life just seemed to be one big party.

Of course all the glitz and glamour of LA will suit him down to the ground and playing in a non-entity league where the standard of football is probably less then the Coca-Cola League means he will probably be seen as a better footballer then he is at present. Just as long as he does not get an England recall.


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