Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Barack Obama, the next US President?

With the entry into the 2008 US Presidential race of Barck Obama we've potentially a new star in the making and one who in my view is a very good tip for the White House.

Since becoming a US Senator in 2005, he has been growing in stature as a politician and one that could enlighten the whole US political world and become the first black US President.

In terms of the Democratic nomination, I hold by my view that Hillary Clinton is a divider, while I've immense respect for her along with her work, I do not believe she is the right candidate for President and a divisive figure who will divide America and potentially lead to a Republican being elected again.

Like Bill Clinton in has 1992, Obama is an unknown and from been a rank outsider only a year ago he has been gradually gaining name recognition and has none of the baggage that many of the other potential candidates. With his chrastimatic style he has the potential to win over many in America.

Time will tell whether I'm right about him, I tipped Howard Dean back in 2003 to be US Democrat presidential nominee and his campaign ended up self-destructing. The same could happen Barack but I'm optimistic that he'll win and hopefully go on to be President of the United States and repair the immense damage done by eight years of George Busha.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're criticising George Bush? Are you not a supporter of your own leader Blair, then? [In fact the whole Labour Cabinet supported the Iraq War.]

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