Monday, January 01, 2007

10 Sporting Predictions for 2007

Ok, making predictions in the sporting field like politics is never an easy task but I thought I would make a stab at it and making some sporting predictions for 2007. Of course, I'm bound to get some wrong and the first one is probably more optimistic rather then reality, but like anything on the sporting field surprises can happen. In relation to 2 hopefully Liverpool will win the Premiership(very unlikely much as I hate Man U) In the case of 8 and 10, hopefully I'm proven wrong and England undergo a remarkable turn around in form which is highly unlikely given current form.

1) Liverpool to win the Champions League.
2) Manchester United to win the Premiership.
3) Charlton, Watford and Wigan to be relegated from the Premiership.
4) Kimi Raikkonen to win F1 Drivers World Championship.
5) Phil Mickelson to win British Golf Open.
6) Roger Federer to equal Bjorn Borg's five-in-a-row at Wimbledon.
7) Andy Murray to reach a Tennis grad-slam final.
8) India to win the Cricket World Cup.
9) Ireland to win the Six-Nations Rugby.
10) New Zealand to win the Rugby World Cup.


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In fairness Liverpool??

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