Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Shane Warne's retirement from cricket

I've just heard that Shane Warne has announced his retirement from cricket after the 5th test match. Despite my disappointment at the loss of the Ashes, Shane Warne has been one of the most remarkable players ever to play the game of cricket and his wicket which haul which currently stands at 699(and will no doubt be over 700 by his retirement) is a record that is likely to stand for a very long time.The total wicket haul is over 300 wickets more then any English bowler has achieved in test match cricket(Ian Botham) and shows what an outstanding cricketer he has been.

Shane Warne has been one of the most remarkable players to have graced the game, though from an English perspective it may give us more of a chance any future Ashes series! Anyway enjoy your retirement and thanks for the memories.


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Greetings -- nice homage piece to Warne. I also noticed that you are a Liverpool fan. Have you written any articles about the club? I would like to speak with you regarding publishing opportunity.

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