Saturday, December 02, 2006

Rowan Road development

I today visited the Rowan Road development exhibition which is near where I live and on the edge of my ward of Pollards Hill. The proposals is for a mixed development of mainly 2 and 3 bedroom houses with many being set aside for first time buyers. The contrast with the Windmill application in my own ward is stark, in this case the developers have thought through their plans much more comprehensively and have come up with a plan which fits into the area much better(more housing instead of flats). Within the development space will also be set aside for community usage and residents views are being sought on the matter, a use for scouts has been suggested.

The current site is an eyesore and while amendments will no doubt be made to the plans, I believe the development will be beneficial to the area. The site will also include so much need green space along with a lake.

Hopefully it will be approved by Planning and as a local resident, I believe the proposed plans will get rid of the local eyesore that is the former Rowan Road school and improve the locality in the process. Coupled with the Lidl supermarket which is being opened next week after a long running planning battle, along with the current development on the old UGI Smith Meters site(Mulberry Gardens) the area will be changed significantly by the ongoing and proposed developments.


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