Monday, December 25, 2006

Pauline Fowler's demise

I've got to say I was a little bit disappointed at the way Pauline was killed off in EastEnders tonight. I was half expecting something on the Tiffany Mitchell or Dirty Den scale and I felt the ending of EastEnders was an anti-climax. It certainly has better endings and I feel this could've been better as well.

Anyway that now leaves only one original character left in EastEnders, Ian Beale. Wendy Richard has been one of the great chracters in EastEnders since it started in 1985, while in recent years her character has run out of steam, nevertheless she has put on some gripping performances over her time in EastEnders as Pauline Fowler. The soap has lost it's ultimate battleaxe with her demise.

Finally, is always seems to be a White Christmas in Walford, I've never once known a white Christmas in my lifetime in London yet ever year in Walford it seems to snow, it must have some kind of micro-climate has it never snows in this part of London!


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