Sunday, December 31, 2006

Goodbye 2006

The end of the year is upon us and for me it has certainly been a memorable year with many high and low points.

In terms of low points, one of them had to be losing Merton Council after sixteen years and finding ourselves in opposition. This is despite having one of the best election performances for Labour in the country and in my own ward increasing my own majority along with depriving the Tories of winning an overall majority in Merton. Still in politics setbacks will always occur, it is important to pick yourself and get on with winning the next election.

The other low point had to be the treatment of Tony Blair back in September, after all he had done for the party in winning three elections, his treatment by some in the party was pretty abysmal to say the least.

My other lower points of the year has to be the dismal performance's in sport by English teams. The World Cup was a disaster, the Ashes likewise and the rugby team results has gone into free-fall which does not bode well for the World Cup in 2007.

Turning to the high points, seeing the crumbling of the Republican hegemony in the States has to be one of the best moments of the year. With the Democrats now in control of Congress after twelve years and the Presidential election in less then two, 2007 should be very interesting.

In terms of sport, Liverpool winning the FA Cup was one of the best moments especially after being 2-0 down and then 3-2, like Istanbul in 2005 it was another great comeback.

Having the opportunity to visit Cuba and Dubai over the past year proved to be an eye-opener in the case of Cuba and amazement at seeing the development of Dubai. With both countries like to change rapidly in the next few years, it was a useful time to visit.

Finally, the development of Blogging4Merton had to be a high point, it started as bit of fun back in March and is still going at the end of the year(1000 hits a month from differnt sources) and will be continuing into 2007. Blogging has been an experience, especially the comments from across the globe and the range of different views. I also was invited to an E-Government Conference in Budapest through blogging which I never expected when I started this blog.

Anyway hope everyone has a good New Year and hears to 2007!


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