Friday, December 22, 2006

Donnelly Green lighting update

This morning I was e-mailed a further update on the lighting at Donnelly Green, it seems that some progress has taken place. I just hope it gets resolved in the early part of the New Year.

1. EDF reconnected the supply to the five columns behind the community centre but this resulted in an immediate cable failure and therefore it will be necessary to lay an extensive length of new ducting and cabling to restore a permanent supply to these columns. Because this work cannot be undertaken until the New Year the option of a temporary overhead supply was investigated but unfortunately the columns are only 5m high and this would have resulted in cable being strung between columns at approximately 4m height which would have made it vulnerable to vandalism and was not considered acceptable under health and safety regulations. We will arrange for the ducting and cabling work in the New year.

2. EDF visited the site yesterday and inspected again last night and have confirmed that the three columns on the footpath linking the Library/Community Centre to Recreation Way are now fully functioning. In addition Martin Nolan from the Corporate Services Facilities Section visited the library yesterday and has arranged for the car park lighting and the external lighting on both the Library and Community Centre buildings (all of which are controlled from inside the buildings) to be left on overnight, in an effort to improve the overall level of illumination in the area.


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