Sunday, December 10, 2006

Death of Pinochet

I Cannot say I'll be mourning the demise of Augusto Pinochet given the human rights abuses that took place under his regime in Chile and the brutal way he came to power in 1973 by deposing of the democratically elected government of Allende.

Thousands of opponents of his regime died and were tortured during the years he was in power and any opposition were brutally suppressed during his years in power.

The British Conservative Party especially Margaret Thatcher will no doubt be in deep mourning at his loss given her support for Pinochet during her time in power. When attempts were being made to extradite him to Spain in the late nineties for human right abuses, Margaret Thatcher and the Conservatives were very vocal on the matter.
While Margaret Thatcher may have been quick to have condemned human right abuses in certain parts of the world, it seems she was always very supportive of the Chilean regime of Pinochet. No doubt if he had been some socialist or progressive politician it would've been a completely different story.


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