Sunday, December 24, 2006

Bono and the Honoury Knighthood

Seeing the front page of the Mail of Sunday about Bono was a typical Mail hatchet job to knock success and anyone this Government attempts to honour(unless it was a prominent tory). Despite doing a huge amount of humanitarian work across the world and raising the profile of third world debt, the article was the Mail of Sunday at it's very worst, nasty and mean-spirited with an anti-Irish tinge for good measure(I bet it was not front page on the Mail of Sunday Irish edition).

Like Bob Geldof before, I'm a great admirer of Bono and the work he has undertaken. Many people like to knock rock stars and question their motives but this is a genuine case of someone who has contributed a huge amount of time and effort in campaigning against in in-justice in the world and bringing the issue to the fore. This was demonstrated by the Live 8 concerts of 2005 and world leaders making commitments on third world debt.

Another individual who had a rent-a-quote in the article was Bob Russell, Liberal Democrat MP for Colchester. From the time I lived in Colchester during the mid nineties when I was at University of Essex, I know what a deeply nasty unpleasant politician Bob Russell actually is who will stop at nothing to get publicity. The remarks criticising the award of the honoury knighthood was a typical Bob Russell cheap jibe which he is fond of making in Parliament and elsewhere. Bob used to be in the Labour party until he jumped ship and joined the SDP in the early eighties, the day he gets defeated in Colchester will be a good day for democracy.

Anyway congratulations Bono you deserve the Honoury Knighthood for all the work you've done and it is well deserved.


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