Tuesday, November 28, 2006

St Helier Hospital

Well it seems that the Conservative MP for Wimbledon Stephen Hammond's support for St Helier Hospital is lukewarm to say the least judging by the latest edition of In Touch with Merton Park ward. Within the front page he has launched a campaign against NHS cuts and within the article he says "This is scandalous; first Patricia Hewitt delayed the process by he unnecessary review of the critical care siting. And now she has delayed the whole process further by asking for yet another reviews to be undertaken".

Well in relation to the review on the siting of the critical care hospital, it was caused by the then Labour controlled Merton Council calling in a decision made by the trust to locate the critical care hospital at the Sutton Hospital and not St Helier, a site that is a considerable distance away from the area of greatest health need and inequalities. Clearly judging by this article, he seems to believe that the decision made about St Helier was the wrong one as it has delayed the Nelson Hospital. I support both the Nelson and Wilson Hospital in Mitcham becoming local care hospitals, but I believe the decision to call in the decision on the critical care hospital was correct as it could have had a huge impact on the surrounding area and the Borough of Merton.

The question I ask the Merton Tories is do they support St Helier? or do they share the views of Stephen Hammond, clearly the Tories do not seem to see St Helier worth fighting for in Merton.


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