Sunday, November 05, 2006

Sporting Weekend

Well Liverpool seem to be back to winning ways again which is a relief, through to the next round of the Champions League with two games to spare and a covincing win against Reading on Saturday. If only our away form was better we could have been challenging for the Premiership.
Arsene Wenger provided some great entertainment today in the showdown with Alan Pardew, though losing at West Ham must be pretty hard to take given West Ham recent poor form. Chelsea slipping up against Tottenham was also fun to see and of course the referee was to blame for the result according to Muriniho.

In terms of the Rugby, Eng;and played ok even if it was a record home defeat but New Zealand are in another league and I doubt anyone will stop them winning the World Cup next year. The chances of England winning again are getting remoter by the day.


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