Tuesday, November 21, 2006

London Olympics

Well as usual the habit of knocking success has come back to the fore, from the day London won the 2012 games on 6th July 2005 it was inevitable that the scare mongers would soon be out along with people who are determined to criticize the whole event as a waste of money.

Yes the costs have arisen but some of the figures being banded around are of course completely over the top, Brian Coleman the Tory Chair of the London Assembly who is always publicity junkie was quoting £20 Billion which was obviously said to maximise publicity for himself. The games will cost more then budgeted, securityand rising building costs have seen to that, but no other city in the world has had an Olympic games come in at the original budget. Also included is the massive regeneration of East London in one of the most deprived areas of the country, since winning the Olympics leaving a legacyand integrating regeneration has been an integral part of the scheme and this has contributed to the increased costs. London should not be left with a pile of unused white elephants after the games like many other cities and the strategy adopted is the right approach.

As a Londoner, I'm immensely proud of my city and would swap it for no other city on earth. This is the greatest city in the world and having the right to host the games will see London being the centre of attention throughout 2012. In terms of sport it gives motivation to many of our youngsters to aim for success, one of my favourite Olympic moments was Cathy Freeman winning gold in 2000 Olympicsfor Australia in Sydney which was an embodiment of the Olympic dream and how you can achieve.

In 2012, London will put on the best ever Olympics and it will be a resounding success and as someone who is passionate about sport I cannot wait and I believe that it will leave a last legacy for future generations of Londoners and act as a catalyst for regenerating further East London and Thames Gateway.


Anonymous andrew said...


I'm afraid your article is complete and utter cobblers, and is an affront to the decent people who pay taxes - and who, as it happens, pay your expenses as a Councillor. The London Olympic Bid is a fiasco - as "naysayers" like me always said it would be.

How terribly NuLab of you to try to portray a total disaster as success. I don't deny that there will be benefits to the Olympics. But it's becoming increasingly clear that - at this cost, and rising - it's just not worth it. Better politicians would admit as much.

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