Wednesday, November 29, 2006

E-mail sent from Nigel Farage to Merton Labour councillors

Nigel Farage, the Leader of UKIP today sent an e-mail out to Labour
councillors in Merton and I presume it has been sent to councillors across
the country, sending out SPAM seems to be one of his pastimes.

The thought of ever joining up with this far right bunch of oddballs and loonies is beyond me, though with Cameron's so called drift to the left they may enjoy greater success with Tory Councillors and no doubt a number share their views
of Britain.

With less then 10 councillors nationally they have a lot of work to
to to gain any meaningful representation.

What is also interesting it that they have sent the e-mail out from the
European Parliament domain which is a clear breach of the rules
and to have .eu at the end of the e-mail when they claim to want
out from Europe shows their hypocrisy. I have no doubt the complaints will soon be flooding into the European Parliament.

Anyway I enclose below a copy of the e-mail

-----Original Message-----
From: FARAGE Nigel []
Sent: 29 November 2006 16:51
To: Councillor Martin Whelton
Subject: Making a difference

Dear Councillor,

There does not seem to be very much difference between our three main parties these days. This is hardly surprising as 75% of our laws are now made by the EU with little or no input from Westminster.

As you must realise local government is in a poor state too with a new unelected layer of Regional Assemblies and voter disenchantment.

In UKIP we believe that it is essential for the UK to become self-governing again and for voters to want to participate. We are developing as a broadly based real party of opposition, the only one saying what most people think. (See for a full range of policies)

With the local elections in May we intend to build up on local government representation and would welcome a conversation with anyone that might consider working with us or joining us. It is time to stand up and be counted.

We give you an absolute assurance that you can contact us on a completely confidential basis.

Yours sincerely,

N. Farage

Leader of UKIP


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