Thursday, October 19, 2006

Singapore, what a clean place!

Arrived after a seven hour flight from Dubai to Singapore and what has amazed me in the few brief hours I've been here is how clean the place actually is with hardly any litter about. It is a huge contrast to the streets of London and many other cities I've been too in the world. With a ban on food and drink being consumed on the metro you also have no discarded food or other associated mess. The trains were spotless with no discarded newspapers left or anything and this is an extremely busy metro system.

The airport in Singapore is a breeze to get through with none of the hustle of Heathrow, everything is immaculate at the airport and the efficiency of the airport is first class. When I visit airports abroad they are streets ahead of Heathrow which is not my favourite place for flying out from given that delays are a regular occurrence, it is streets beind many other airports in the world.


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