Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Sarah Newton selected in Truro and Falmouth

I was reading on the BBC website today that ex Merton Tory Councillor Sarah Newton and candidate in Longthornton ward last May has been selected as the Tory Candidate in Truro and Falmouth.

The seat is a very hard nut to crack for the Tories, given that the Liberals have notionally a large majority on the new boundaries. The seat of Truro and Falmouth is certainly as lot tougher prospect then the marginal ward of Longthornton where Sarah Newton failed to overturn a 42 Labour majority with the Labour majority increasing to over 250 votes. Hopefully she will have learned the lessons of that campaign as if they had won here it would have given them overall control of Merton Council, still when the Tories ran the campaign they did in Longthornton the result was no surprise.

No sign yet of Merton Tory cabinet members Tariq Ahmad (member of the A list) or Sam George (member of the B list) having got shortlisted or selected anywhere yet unless any one can tell me differently.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Martin ,you posted a very wise blog about Sarah Newton after she was selected as Tory PPC for Truro and Falmouth. Since then your observations have been proved right as she is making an absolute arse as a PPC. The local Tories are up in arms about her lack of interest and her dismal campaigning skills.One person has said she has already rolled over and given up. A book has already been written about her by frustrated local bloggers on in the Truro and Falmouth File.

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