Thursday, October 12, 2006

Rowan Road School

Living nearly right next door to Rowan Road school (which is just outside my Pollards Hill ward), I was shocked today to hear at my public meeting today to hear that somebody had been murdered locally and their body dumped at the school.

This is quite shocking and I understand somebody has been apprehended for the crime. I have long been concerned about the derelict school which has been bordered up but which seen regular trespassers on the site (a police car at the site was a regular occurrence) and indeed I rang the Police recently when I saw intruders enter climb over the fence.

They have now out in fencing around the school, about time too, it is a shame that it took an incident like this for the owners to improve security. The school site is an eyesore and hopefully the development of the site starts soon.

I enclose the story below.


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