Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Reporting from Dubai

Well I arrived here early on Tuesday morning and I'm here till tmoorow morning before flying on to Singapore.

This city is fast developing place, the rate of buildings going up is quite amazing including the tallest in the world. Apparently 20% of world cranes are in Dubai. The city it is really going for the tourist market and it will in my view become ever more popular in the years ahead, with huge devlopments under construction and hotels multipling at a high rate this will be a major destination. The city is also crammed full of huge mega malls including the Mall of Emirates, with this city also being a tax free haven some of the prices are a great deal less them at home.

Ther main downside of my trip is that it is still Ramadam which means you cannot eat in any restaurant till after sun down which happened about 15 minutes ago. Makes you fell peckish. The heat is also pretty cruel during the day, a huge contrast to London in mid October.


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